Angamaly Turf Booking

Turf Court A
12500 Sq Ft
6s * 6s Court

Turf Court B
12500 Sq Ft
6s * 6s Court

9s Court

We are providing two turf courts for 9s of 25000 Sq ft
Court A + B
Please contact us @ +91 790913 3111 on time of booking or book both the above turf courts at a time.


  • Please arrive 30 min before the booking time at the ground and pay balance amount.
  • No refund of advance payment if not arrived at ground.
  • Gripped boots is not allowed. Only turf shoes allowed.
  • Surabhi Turf and it’s management expressly point out that all persons using the facilities do so at their own risk. Users are strongly advised to seek medical advice before undertaking exercise. Users with any known medical condition should consult with their doctor before participating in any form of exercise.


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